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1EXT   1 Year Extended Warranty
2EXT   2 Year Extended Warranty
2GIG   2GIG Micro SD
A300   A300 3in1 PEN
CPO   Custom Product order
DBL   DocuPen Black Leather Case
DBRL   DocuPen Brown Leather Case
DLBRL   DocuPen Light Brown Leather Case
(DPEN-RC800-RECERT)   DocuPen RC800 Recertified
docupen-USB-cable   DocuPen USB Cable
Office-Bundle X05-PS905   DocuPen Xtreme X05 & PrintStik PS905ME
DPEN-X05-bundle   DocuPen Xtreme X05 bundle INSTANT REBATE
DPenX50   DocuPen Xtreme X50
planon-RMS   Planon - Receipt Management Software
PS901   PRINTSTIK 3PK (PS901)paper refill cartridge
PS901X3   PRINTSTIK 3PK (PS901)paper refill cartridge
PS-CASE   PrintStik Case
PCHC   PrintStik Case - High Capacity Roll Mobile Print Station
(PS900)   Printstik PS900
PrintStik-PS900-and-ScanStik-S   PrintStik PS900 and ScanStik SK600 with 2GB MicroSD
(PS905)   Printstik PS905ME
(PS905) BUNDLE   Printstik PS905ME BUNDLE
(PS950)   Printstik PS950ME
PrintStik-USB-cable   PrintStik USB Cable
(PS900) RECERTIFIED   Recertified Printstik PS900
(PS905) RECERTIFIED   Recertified Printstik PS905
RUC printer   Retractable USB Cable for printer
RUC scanner   Retractable USB Cable for scanner
SK600   ScanStik SK600 MultiPage Full Page Scanner And 2 GIG Memory Included
SK600V   ScanStik SK600v Voice Record - MultiPage Full Page Scanner And 2 GIG Memory Included
SlimScan-SS100   Slim Scan CreditCard Sized Scanner
SlimScan-SS100/RMS-Bundle   Slim Scan CreditCard Sized Scanner and planon receipt management system software bundle
UNICAR   UNICAR-ADAPT - Universal USB car lighter adapter
UMR   Universal Memory Reader
UMC   Universal Mobile Charger

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